Part 8 - First Impressions - Beanie the Dog (Living pet)

Practice with a photo

Beanie is a 9 year old mixed breed and he is alive.

Step 1

Start with your breathing, grounding and prayer of protection, Third eye.

Step 2

Just gaze into his eyes and pay attention to any information that comes through to you.

As you look at his photo, allow your eyes to get a little blurry

Step 3

Introduce yourself to him.

Step 4

Ask him for his permission to communicate.


Think kind thoughts about Beanie.

Tell him how cute he is.

Tell him you are really excited to hear his messages.

Step 5

~Just formulate each thought in your mind.

~Then click and send it like an email message.

~Imagine it lands right on the top of his head or in his heart.

Step 6

Jot down any images, shapes, colors or feelings that come to you.

Step 7

As you begin receiving incoming information make a note as to HOW you received it.

Step 8

State the obvious


Watch for incoming messages from Beanie may be flash across your mind quickly

Step 9

Thank Beanie for communicating with you

Don't overthink it just go with whatever you get

Your first instincts are usually right so try to go with them as you are learning these steps.

If you feel you didn't pick up on anything from Beanie

don't give up.

You can always practice with another animal.

Step 10

Send his energy back

Bring your energy back to you

Post a comment if you picked up on anything else from Beanie

Take the quiz at the bottom and see how well you tuned in to Beanie. Simply CLICK on the STATEMENT you feel is most LIKE BEANIE. Then click the CHECK button. A GREEN checkmark is an accurate answer. A red X is an incorrect statement

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