Part 10 - First Impressions with JoJo the Cat (Afterlife Pet)

This is JoJo and he is a 13-year-old Ragdoll cat in the AFTERLIFE.

An afterlife communication is just like a living pet connection.

The animals will share in present tense so be sure you honor that.

For them, they are still alive and well in spirit.

Step 1

Prepare yourself with your breathing, grounding, and protection.

Connect with JoJo as if he is alive and well.

Then introduce yourself to JoJo.

Ask permission to communicate with him.

If it feels right, proceed with your session.

What are your first impressions?

As you gaze into JoJo's eyes, pay attention to any feelings, words or images that come through to you.

Let your eyes soften and slightly blur.

Think loving thoughts about JoJo and tell him how gorgeous he is.

What pops into your mind?

Is JoJo....

Happy, sad, nervous, calm, anxious, outgoing, shy, soft or funny?

Or maybe something entirely different comes to you. If so, post a comment.

Step 2

Imagine JoJo is playing with a toy.

Can you see it?

Let your mind form an image

Ask JoJo what his favorite toy looks like.

Is there a color, shape or size?

Just relax and allow the information to come through.

Be sure to thank JoJo for letting you connect with him and send his energy back.

Pull your energy back into your body.

Jot down anything and everything that you see, feel or sense.


Complimenting the animal will go a long way to making the connection.

Tell them they are gorgeous, handsome or that they remind you of one of your favorite pets.

If you didn't feel like you received any information don't give up!

No, no, no!

We've only just begun

Just hang in there and keep practicing.

Take the brief quiz to see how your first impressions stacked up.

Simply CLICK on the STATEMENT you feel is most LIKE JOJO. Then click the CHECK button. A GREEN checkmark is an accurate answer. A red X is an incorrect statement

Share your experience with JoJo in the comment section below.

I'd love to hear what you received from him!

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